Transformation Tuesday.

Left: 2013/ Right:2017.  Photographer Jennie Scott (c) Cairo Nevitt 2017. 

Today I am beaming with Transgender pride. I am so blessed & proud to be in a such a cool show! I am so blessed that my acting career didn't end when I chose to put it on the line to transition, Because I have never felt more comfortable or content.

Tonight we open Bullish. In the same venue where I did my last show a few years ago. It was my last stage show as Ciarra. Tonight Cairo will take the stage. (Or just me, in my most authentic form.) It's a bit special to be honest. I feel so excited!!Would LOVE you to catch our show Bullish; Come down, be entertained & show some love! 

(Massive Thank you Jennie Scott for taking these pictures; they mean a lot to me. Xx)  

5 Months On T Update Video

  5 months on T and my voice is starting to break!=) 

4 Months On T - Video Update

Check Out My 4 Months On T- Video Update! =) 
This month video focuses less on my physical changes as there weren't as many as last month and more about how I feel as I am going through the process of transitioning.  

This Is What Trans Looks like...

photographer Eboni Dixon.

3 Months On T - Update

Absolut- Equal Love.

Absolut Equal Love- Photo credit: BBH London, Somesuch,  Radioaktive film.  
Absolut are always a step ahead of the game! I am over the moon that they cast me as I am, a proud transgender man. It was a pleasure to be on the Equal Love set and to have been able to work with one of the top ten female directors in Europe; Aolfie Mcardle. 
It was a dream come true. What excited me about this project is that Absoult are brand that has truly represented LGBT campaigns/organisations and pride's for years.  

As a BAME actor, I loved the fact that I got to work with such a genuinely diverse cast! I believe that Absolut, BBH London and Somesuch got it right on every level. This film goes beyond gender, sexuality, race, and religion. It's just simply that Love is Love! I am fan of equality and most defiantly in support of equal love. 

Equal Love Interview With Upworthy

On Set for Absolut Equal Love.  Loved Working with Top Director Aolfie Mcardle.  Photo Credit BBH London, Somesuch, Radioaktive Film.   

Click the link below to check Out My Interview with UPWORTHY:

Two Months On T Video

Here is my Two months on T Update Video! Sorry it's late, I have been working away from home this last month! I will be updating my blog while I am back home this week! stay tuned for more =) X

It Gets Better

New Video Live on My Youtube Channel!  

Reflecting back over the year since I decided to start my social transition and where I am now. I just wanted to share some thoughts with you all and spread some positive vibes and hope. Some things take time, but It Gets Better!Keep that chin up & walk with pride! X

Pronouns Matter.

Trans Rights Are Human Rights. 

So after feeling frustrated about being misgendered a lot over that particular week, I decided to make a video to express the reasons why it is important to respect peoples pronouns. 

I am finally on Youtube! Check Out My Channel



It's hard to believe I filmed this first video almost a year ago back in August before I even had my blog! Apologies for the delay in getting my channel up and running, it took me longer to sort out trading in my old laptop and getting a upgrade in order to be able to edit. I have quite a few videos to share with you all, I will upload a New Video Every Tuesday until I am up to date with live time. (Subscribe and I will follow back, lets get connected! XD) 

3 Months On T

It's been 3 months on Testosterone! (In all honesty haven't been able to get in the gym as much as I have hoped! Despite being hungry all the time atleast I have stayed away from Junk food!) However my fat re-distribution is starting to take place and my hips have become far more squared and my belly is a lot border than before I started hormones, I am also quite surprised by how much my back has changed! I am finally starting to fill out more, all in all I am happy to start noticing changes and seeing the results. 
Finally starting to develop some upper body strength! 

Side Profile. 

Side Profile.

Some Days Let Your Hair Down!

Men With Curls 

Trying to be proud of my curls! (Still trying to find peace between loving my hair & dealing with it giving me dysphoria/ adding to me being misgendered.) It's a love hate relationship. =P

Filming In Ukraine! XD

Quick pic with my MUA. Shirt By Topman, Stylist Verity May Lane. 
Okay, somebody pinch me! XD I'm Back! Back doing what I love and right where I want to be; On set! Have no words to say how much this opportunity means to me, proud is a understatement.Thank you Universe for answering my prayers! <3 I am 100% Blessed.

I Woke Up Like This... 2 Months On T!

A few Days Late! But I am now Two Months On T! The last few weeks I have been on the go pretty much non stop! (I have been working towards my showcase with ALT, did the showcase and have been going to auditions and working a lot; still looking forward to having a day off!) But It's all good things so I won't complain, I feel like I am on a good roll so I just want to run with it. Don't worry I will be making some Vlogs to share with you what I have been up to lately and hopefully to start documenting more of my changes! XD

Parents And Transgender Children Read Positive Affirmations


One Month On Testosterone!

Second Shot Complete! I am Officially One Month On T! XD 

My Face Before, During & After My Testosterone Shot.

(I am not a fan of needles!) But In all seriousness, as you can tell by my smile in the third picture; I am so happy to be on this journey!That things are finally in motion after waiting a year to start hormones. I am excited about the process. Its totally worth it! XD

Finally On Testosterone!

Really excited to finally be on testosterone and officially diagnosed with gender dysphoria. I am so relieved that my medical notes have been updated as transgender! XD It's only been two weeks since my first T shot but I am so happy and gives me motivation to keep going to the gym to the gym to get the body I always wanted. =) 

Love Your Vehicle.

A Transgender Man's Path To freedom.

ALT Trailer by TEAfilms

I have been lucky enough to work with such a talented group of actors! I can't until our showcase on 19th April, We are going to smash it! 

Here is a little taster of ALT: 

Head Shot by Jordan Kouame

I can't thank Jordan Kouame enough for my new headshots! I am so happy with the results. Jordan was a joy to work with,  I would highly recommend contacting him if you need to update your portfolio! He is a top lad, talented actor and brilliant photographer. He offers top quality pictures at affordable prices. 

For more info visit his website: /

Believe In Yourself.

When I first came out as Transgender a year ago, aside from the transitioning, my biggest fear was that I wouldn't be able work as an actor,  I wasn't going to be accepting any more female roles, and I just felt so restricted, heartbroken. I felt like I had to give up my love, my craft. my follow my heart, to be ultimately happy in my personal life. Happy within my skin.  

I have been dealing with anxiety over the last year and my confidence had taken a knock. Most days when I take part I place myself in the background a lot more than I use to.  Still, I am just pushing myself to hold on to what I love, so even getting back into acting has been absolutely amazing. However inside, I just felt unsure and like something was missing. I have been hoping for that moment where something clicks...each time I attend a acting class, or worked with a new group or a brilliant director, I am reminded, about my passion and who I am.  I know that all the experiences I have prior to my transition all the hard work and training I have done for my acting is not for nothing. Some days I have felt like it was.  Someday's I felt like now I had less to offer,  which is completely wrong. I guess I just didn't believe in myself like I use to. 

Last night, I felt it. Something beautiful happened when I was filming my scene. For once I wasn't over thinking, I was in my element I loved the whole process of filming, I enjoyed saying my lines, I switched off and just gave my own personal best and even though there is always room for improvements, I know my performance was strong. It was like I completely remembered everything, all the moments that lead me to this, I felt like there was a connection from my "past" to the present, it's hard to explain, its' as if I fully embraced everything I learnt before and connected it with my present. It was just the most amazing feeling, I felt fire in my belly, I just feel so alive and whole again. 

#Energy Never Dies. It Transforms! XD  #Selfbelief  #YouCanDoIt  

Jersey by Sik Silk

Jersey by Sik Slik. 
High Tops & Jacket by Criminal Damage.  

Good Morning! XD

Hope you all are having a beautiful day! 
#BuenasDias #Goodmorning #Buongiorno #FTM.  


I am really excited to apart of the ALT acting company. Exciting are to come! (you can follow ALT on facebook or twitter.) I am happy to back acting, training and doing what I love! I am learning my craft again with new eyes, I am determined to be twice as good as before and I believe that is possible now...which is a big change as this time last year I thought I might have to retire from acting all together!

I am starting to not just get through the days, but to thrive. I still have some much to learn, but I have found my confidence and I hunger for knowledge and growth. I believe you should never give up on your dreams, you might have to try and alternative approach, but remember your overall goal. So Keep Dreaming My Dreamers! #believe. #whenthestudentisreadytheteacherwillcome.

This Is What Trans Looks like NOW!

Jacket By Pull and Bear. Hoody By Criminal Damage. Photographer Paride Odierna. Stylist Lala Monroe. 
Photographer Paride Odierna. 

Happy New Year!

2017, I am Ready For Ya!

This year I plan of making it special and one to remember. 

Things to Change in 2017: 
  • Don't over get attached to possessions.
  • Stop buying things on impulse.
  • Start saving.
  • Technology overload. (No emails/social media after a certain time in the evening; and watch less films and have more conversations.)
  • Be more present in each moment. 
  • Be more understanding (and less stubborn) 
  • Buying too many take a ways. 

Things to do more of in 2017: 
  • Be resourceful 
  • Budget (Look for the best deals.)
  • Clear out unwanted belongings, exchange & recycle.
  • Listen more
  • Read more
  • Try new things (in order to grow)
  • Keep focusing on my fitness goals 
  • Eat well. 
  • Shop at the Big Supermarkets it's (Cheaper/Fresher/Better.) 
  • Learn new skills (e.g. Italian ?) 
  • Volunteer for more organisations that I believe in.  
  • 12 acts of kindness. 
  • Sleep enough hours 
  • Meditations 
  • Take my Vitamins 
  • Create ( poetry, films, projects, shoots.)
  • Be happy and spend my time with the people I love.
  • Love. ( life, loved ones, myself, friends and all the beauty in the world) 
  • Gratitude (Count your blessing and focus on positive things)